28 January 2023


A pipeline with a permitted diameter of up to 36 inches, and a base case of 26 inches, will connect the Port site to the National Grid.

The FSRU will be connected to the pipeline via a 16 inch flexible riser from the STL Buoy down to Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) which connects to the subsea pipeline and then to the shore.

The pipeline will transport natural gas to onshore facilities (AGI) which are connected to the National Grid network. From there, the natural gas would be available to serve residential, commercial, industrial and electrical generation customers throughout the UK.

The pipeline is approximately 50 km long. Routing has been subject to extensive evaluations and has been selected to minimize environmental impact. The overall route is as shown in the following section.

From the landfall, the pipeline crosses the Walney Island and thereafter the Piel Channel and a short onshore section to the AGI.