28 January 2023

Onshore Facilities

To connect the Port Meridian pipeline to the National Grid, an above ground installation (AGI) will be located onshore. The location will be close to the existing Morecambe Bay gas terminals and close to the National Grid line between Barrow and Lupton. The AGI’s main task is to condition the arriving gas to be acceptable for further transport into the National Grid network.

The proposed AGI site will occupy an area approximately 100 metres by 150 metres and is close to the National Grid pipelines allowing easy connection.  A dedicated National Grid Compound is also proposed at this location.

The primary purpose of the AGI is to ensure that the imported gas conforms to delivery condition for the National Grid pipelines (pressure/temperature/quality) and is metered before delivery.

Depending on the source of LNG it may be necessary to inject nitrogen into the gas to ensure its suitability for the National Grid. The AGI will consist of the following components:

  • Pig receiver for incoming pipeline;
  • Gas filtration;
  • Gas heaters;
  • Pressure Control;
  • Nitrogen Injection for gas conditioning;
  • Gas Fiscal Metering; and
  • Control kiosk / Site Welfare facilities (9m x 18m x 3m).

A new access road is planned to serve the AGI from the A5087 Rampside Road. The new road junction is located approximately 200 metres south west of the existing private road to the South and North Morecambe Terminals.