28 January 2023


Port Meridian Energy Limited (PMEL) is planning to develop a gas unloading installation in the East Irish Sea. It is proposed that a permanently moored Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) will be installed around 37 kilometres offshore of the coastline of Fylde, North West England. The FSRU will be moored by means of a submerged unloading buoy system. Once operational, LNG cargo will be pumped to the FSRU via Ship‐to‐Ship Transfer, regasified, and exported via a new pipeline system for entry into the National Grid Gas, National Transmission System (NTS) onshore at Barrow‐in‐Furness in Cumbria.

Onshore elements of the projects have been granted planning permission by the local planning authority (Barrow Borough Council) under the Town and Country Planning Act, 1990;

All major offshore permits have been obtained, approved ‘in principle’, or are in the final stages of being obtained.

The FSRU is sized for 170,000 cubic metres  whilst a larger vessel (up to 210,000 cubic meters) can be considered during final commercial discussions.  The Port Meridian pipeline and the connected land facilities are capable of a maximum daily throughput rate of 1250 mmscfd. However, the base case design is for a maximum daily throughput rate of 750 mmscfd.

The throughput rate will mainly be controlled by the FSRU vessel by adjusting the delivery pressure into the pipeline. Further control may be applied by the land based facilities which are equipped with flow control valves and heating equipment.

Port Meridian will be operational all year round.

The project has developed operating envelopes which forms the basis for selecting the FSRU size and correct pipeline diameter once the firm capacity has been set and agreed with customers.